The Past and its Remembrance

The study of the past fascinates me.  Imagining the lives of those who came before; their struggles, hopes, failures and dreams is a constant source of wonder to my life.  The interpretation of those past events, those millions upon millions of lives is equally captivating.  Museums are my favorite place to reawaken those times gone past.  A book can bring a soul back to life.  A painting can at a stroke capture a long forgotten dance, or the energy of a terrific battle.  A simple set of cookware can capture the continuity of human life over centuries. Museums serve as the repositories of these talismans, and so much more.  These writings will cover museum work, the history topics connected to them, and the techniques/people/equipment/purposes at their heart.

My goal with this blog is to examine museum/history culture locally in the Pacific Northwest and nationally when possible.  Little known historical facts, new resources, exhibit reviews, and commentary are all possible topic avenues.  I hope this blog helps a forgotten moment to be found again.  I hope it helps a new exhibit to gain a few new visitors.  I hope it develops, even if by the smallest margin, the rich culture and universe of public history.

The Past burns bright; let our eyes be set on its wisdom.




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